About Punnyabhumi International Sanathana Daily

Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Thiruvatikal, the Founder of Sree Rama Dasa Mission, is the visionary behind Punnyabhumi International Sanathana Daily. His Holiness not only conceived Punnyabhumi as World Hindu Newspaper but also worked tirelessly to bring the vision in to fruition for more than a decade.

PUNNYABHUMI is committed to

  • Report truthfully and professionally Regional, National and International News.
  • Fight against anti-national movements.
  • Uplift the downtrodden people through educational, economic and technological inputs.
  • Prevent religious conversion.
  • Impart proper education with moral values to the youngsters.
  • Re-establish with all resources the lost social order of Bharath that has been shattered by invasions and subversion.
  • Explain the Sanathana Dharma and its practice as a science of life and matter.


  • Global approach to Hindu Community and Hindu News
  • Special attention to the local needs of the readers
  • Unique approach of Religio-Political Integration founded on the principles of Sanathana Dharma


Punnyabhumi Print Editions (Thrissur and Houston)

The print editions of Punnyabhumi were launched simultaneously from Thrissur in India and Houston in the United States of America in April 2001.

The Malayalam Print Edition was launched on April 7, 2001 by Honourable Ganace Ramdial, then President of the Senate, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago at a colourful function at Thrissur, Kerala, India.

Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Thiruvatikal launched the North American Edition of Punnyabhumi International Sanathana Daily on April 14, 2001 during the First Biennial Convention of the Kerala Hindus of North America at Dallas, Texas. The English edition titled Swami Vivekananda Edition was published by Sree Rama Dasa Mission, North America, which is head quartered in Houston, Texas.

Punnyabhumi took the Malayalam Newspaper Industry by storm and re–wrote many rules. Punnyabhumi introduced a daily Sanathanam page dedicated to Sanathna Dharma. It published its weekly supplement, Guruvara Pathippu, on Thursdays, as against the norm of Sunday Supplements. The leaders in the Industry were forced to mend their negligent ways and began according due importance to the Hindu Community, its festivals, temples and so on.

Punnyabhumi had to bear the brunt of the competition, which further escalated the entry barrier through their clout. Punnyabhumi was denied working capital arrangements from all financial institutions cutting across nationalized and scheduled banks and state government sponsored financial institutions. Punnyabhumi under the august and persistent leadership of His Holiness endured this subterfuge for two years with the help of generous help from committed Hindus.

Nevertheless, due to the suffocating financial climate and due to the absence of deeper pockets, the Malayalam Daily Edition from Thrissur and the English Weekly Edition from Houston were discontinued after 24 months of valiant operation.

Punnyabhumi Thiruvananthapuram Edition (Print and Internet)

Punnyabhumi’s Malayalam Print Edition was re–launched from Thiruvananthapuram in August 2004. A concurrent Internet Edition (with a PDF upload of the print edition) also put into service to cater to the needs of the well wishers of Punnyabhumi spread across the globe.

However, the Maha Samadhi of His Holiness in November 2006 created a void that was difficult to fill. Despite this, Thiruvananthapuram Print Edition continued its publication for two more years. In January 2009, the Print Edition was discontinued as it became impossible for Sree Rama Dasa Ashram to continue the financial assistance it has been extending to Punnyabhumi. The Internet Edition (in the PDF upload format) continued its publication till August 2010.

Punnyabhumi Online Edition

Punnyabhumi Online Edition, www.punnyabhumi.com, was launched during August–September 2010 itself. The online edition is uplifted with the latest online newspaper look during July 2012. Web design, web development, hosting, maintenance and support has been provided as a free service by Ananthapuri Technologies.

The Online Edition is fully funded and managed by the Direct Disciples of Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Thiruvatikal with the generous support of ardent devotees of His Holiness.

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